heather corley
Fascination and obsession.
Multiplicity and materials.
Process and concept.
Beauty and longing.

I am fascinated by things in mass.
The intricate beauty of an object or image becomes apparent when visually repeated through my obsessive and laborious studio practices.

I utilize materials that are easily identifiable, used, and then discarded without thought or consideration of their splendor and potential dialog. These everyday things are seen with no attention paid to their beauty, but when multiplied a relationship is formed. The familiarity of materials, the process in creating work, and the possibilities therein, form my conceptual framework. Process feeds into concept and concept feeds into process.

The choice of materials in conjunction with text creates an internal and personal response. How the intent or context of language, especially a single word or symbol, informs and alters meaning. There is a sentimentality that is created by taking an individual object, word, or shape and multiplying -- it changes how you interact with or internalize it. It draws you in, compelling you to experience the work and to reflect on your own experiences.